NXG Chief Executive Officer, Lead RDT&E Engineer and Head Manufacturing Engineer

Originally coming from an automation background as a former robotics engineer, Ian has worked with and studied the field of manufacturing technology as a passion for much of his life. He holds two degrees and three certificates in automation technology, bears five years of experience with 3D printing and computer aided design, three years with robotics programming, two years with lost pattern aluminum casting, and one year of robotic welding. Duties are concerned with the research and development of new product lines, the design and implementation of their manufacturing methods, field testing product feasibility, as well as cost estimates. Goals and aspirations are focused chiefly on the development of a product line that remains competitive in price and utilitarian function.


NXI Chief Executive Officer, Lead Technical Manager and RDT&E Engineer

One of NXG’s three founding members, Ryan specializes in systems & board level programming, with proficiency in UNIX server management. As the head of all importation activity, he manages human resources for operations as well as the technical infrastructure for the organization. Ryan takes on jobs that others may find impractical, he’s in it for the thrill of finding a solution.


CFO/Accountant and Head Production Manager

A seven year veteran of the National Guard who previously studied abroad in Germany, The Czech Republic and Austria. Blake’s focus at NXG can be found in production management and oversight of the manufacturing process to ensure the highest quality of products. Additionally, Blake functions as the resident accountant responsible for book keeping for both NXI and NXG. If he’s not perusing production on the the plant floor to enforce quality control then he’s keeping his nose buried in receipts and tax codes to keep us on track.


Lead Negotiator and Sourcing Expert

As a US citizen born from Russian immigrants, Aleks functions as the foreign language expert, translator and negotiator for Nos Exa Imports, with his chief focus being the outreach and maintenance of manufacturer relations. He speaks native levels of Russian, Ukranian and English with Russian being his first language. Aleks spent 8 years studying in Russia and holds a B.S. in Informatics. His expertise includes business, statistics, data science and analysis. Other focuses in NXI include supply chain management, contract negotiation and aiding in matters of internal organization.


Nos-Exa is an abbreviation of the Latin phrase, Nos Exagitemus which translates roughly to, "We impel, drive, stir” or “set into motion.” Our function is to overcome the largely redundant and banal state of the defense industry through a focus on innovative abstraction of design and development. Keeping with our namesake, we strive to be a driver of technological advancement in the defense related products in contrast to the plurality of business entities which simply peddle rehashed or imitated ideas. Our focus finds itself situated both on mainstream and niche/untapped consumer markets. We prefer our products to speak for themselves and thus, we invite you to browse, purchase, and critique our wares.



NXG has access to a wide variety of proprietary manufacturing techniques useful for the manufacturing of specialized goods. With low upfront costs, we can produce a variety of components other manufacturers simply cannot. If you have a market and a need, NXG has an answer.


NOS EXA group focuses on the production of special use items to service smaller companies and individual clients. We pick smaller markets, often under-served by existing industry figures, and use our skills to serve everyone from professional users to small time collectors. Our products focus on components that cut directly to the issues facing our target audience. NXG currently orients itself towards the respirator, small arms, and radio component markets—but aspires to expand into further segments of the defense market.


NXG is a Federal Firearms Licenced importer of firearms and ammunition, with the rating to import USMIL items as provided in AECA. More information about importation is available here.

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