"Nos-Exa" is an abbreviation of the Latin phrase, “Nos Exagitemus" which translates roughly to, "We impel,drive,stir” or “set into motion”. Our function is to overcome the largely redundant and banal state of the defense industry through a focus on innovative abstraction of design and development. Keeping with our namesake, we strive to be a driver of technological advancement in the defense related products in contrast to the plurality of business entities which simply peddle rehashed or imitated ideas. Our focus finds itself situated both on mainstream and niche/untapped consumer markets. We prefer our products speak for themselves and thus, we invite you to browse, purchase and critique our wares. If you feel any of our products fail to meet your expectations within their context of intended use we encourage you to contact us so that we might rectify the situation.

What we strive for

Nos Exa group is an upcoming defense manufacturing group. We specialize mainly in RDT&E activity to quickly develop products to answer specialized industry needs.

Contact us

By email: inquiries@nos-exa.group

By phone: (currently unavailable)